Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Papa's Got a Brand New Pad

Indeed. It is true. Clay and I have moved up in the world. We now live in a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment in beautiful Culver City. I have my OWN BEDROOM!!!! Jackpot! Going from a two-studio apartment with no bathroom or kitchen to a three bedroom place with brand-new kitchen appliances and countertops is like winning the lottery. I can finally reestablish some personal boundaries.

My first splurge is going to be a queen-sized, pillowtop mattress/box spring set. Sleeping on my little cousin's bunk bed mattress is getting a little old. I need a desk, bookshelves, etc. as well, but those are going to come later. I realized after moving that I own only one piece of furniture: a dresser that I got from some friends (and only half of the drawers work). So I'll slowly build up my collection of eclectic pieces I find at the Salvation Army store.

I'll be able to afford these items because my new job is going so well. I actually quit at the theater. I'm making twice as much at the pizza place as I was at the movies. Plus, it's much more fun and I get free food. I'm working more days and I get tips, so I'm in a much better financial place than I have been since moving out to LA.

Now I just need to get my ass out of the house and find a date or two.