Friday, August 28, 2009

Holy balls!

OK, so I'm in the Altadena area, and there's a huge fire on the mountains literally two miles away. The flames are reaching up over the edge. There's ash falling everywhere. It's like Silent Hill, just with less monsters. This is pretty intense. We may have to evacuate at some point soon. The only problem is that we have to fit me, my aunt, her two giant dogs, and what little valuables we can into my car. God I hope it doesn't come to that...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An intervention

I've begun an intervention program to help my aunt's dogs. Her golden retriever, Sophie, is an addict. She can't go more than one day without a fix. Drugs are a comfort that help her escape the reality she faces every day. Of course, addiction doesn't impact just the addict, but also those around her. Sohpie's addiction has spread to Misha, her younger and more impressionable Newfoundland counterpart. Now both are totally hooked and may never escape.

The drug they cannot do without is that nefarious plant, the C. limon, commonly known as "lemon." Addiction to lemon is very rarely reported. It is common to simply squeeze a bit of the extract into a beverage, or cook slivers of the skin into baked goods. Many people take lemon not for the high they get, but for the flavor itself. However, these seemingly innocuous ingestations of the lemon may eventually turn sour. This is the case with Sophie and Misha.

The physical consequences of lemon addiction vary, and may include unconscious facial spasms, gaseous discharge, and in Sophie's case, vomitus. Because of the long growing season, the several lemon trees in the back yard provide the dogs with a constant supply of the drug nearly year-round. Therefore, intervention will be difficult. It is my hope, however, that Sophie and Misha can finally acknowledge their addiction and begin the difficult path to recovery and freedom from dependence.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gay Iraqis

I just started reading this report on the torture and murder of gay men in Iraq. I couldn't make it through the whole thing. It's terrifying that there's no way to truly know the total number of deaths, but the guess is somewhere in the "hundreds." That means that there are so many more unreported deaths out there.

The sheer joy the murderers seem to take in torturing their victims before leaving the bodies in their neighborhood is just disgusting.

The Hunt Begins (Again)

So I'm starting to search for jobs, again. There are plenty of jobs, the only problem is that there are so many people trying to get those jobs. I've probably sent in 25 different applications so far.

I'm crashing at my aunt's house for now, but I don't want to be a burden, so I'm also hoping to find an apartment soon. But of course, I need a job first. Quite the conundrum.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Games I'm Playing

I've been playing "The Legendary Starfy" for the DS lately, and I'm totally hooked. It's an adorable little game, and yes it is kind of similar to Kirby. Basically, you're a starfish/prince who must go on a quest to help a friend. Mayhem and cuteness ensue.

One great feature of this game are the treasures. You find and buy various costumes and accessories and can equip them to Starfy (only in the pause menu). The ability to mix and match such incongruous items as "Galactic Hero's Outfit" and "Viking Flair" makes for some very amusing combinations.

I think my obsession with customizable outfits started in "Ocarina of Time," when I would have adult Link wear the red tunic along with the mirror shield, because they matched. *Sigh*

I also started playing inFAMOUS for the third time. I'm going the evil route (much more satisfying than going good).


Hello, and welcome to my blog. I decided to jump on the blogwagon a little late, obviously, so bear with me if things are a little rocky. So I just got to Los Angeles after driving for three days from Memphis. Here are a few stats from my trip:

Total Miles Driven: 1766.2

Number of Butterflies That Met an Untimely End on My Windshield: 13

Texas Lesbians Sighted: 14 (OK, actually just one, but she was so gay she totally counted as 14)

Places of Interest: the town of Ash Fork (natives are known as Ash Forkers, I hope)
Jesus Christ is Lord Travel Complex
Shinarump Rd.
I ate French fries and a fried chicken sandwich in a town called Atkins. Oh, delicious irony.
Alma: The Spinach Capital of the World
A 200-foot tall cross that looked like it could double as a water tower
The Catfish Hole Restaurant, which doesn't strike me as all that appealing
Stuff It Taxidermy

I don't actually know yet how I'm going to organize this whole shindig, so I think I'll end the first post here. Stay tuned!