Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who said gambling wasn't worth it?

I got an email today officially welcoming me to UCLA's graduate program for East Asian Studies! Score! This was the whole reason I moved to LA in the first place, as you are probably aware, and it would have sucked pretty hard if I had spent the last six months completely broke in this mentally and emotionally draining city for no reason whatsoever. But it was totally worth it, because now that I have established my residency in California, I can get in-state tuition and avoid extreme debt. So it looks like Los Angeles is going to be my home for a while, whether I like it or not.

Lately, though, I've been much more content here than I was when I first arrived. I have a better job (with better pay) and a better apartment. My friend circle is expanding, and I'm becoming acquainted with the city itself. Los Angeles has its troubles, but it definitely has its positive aspects, too. I'm actually looking forward to getting to know LA better now that I have a place in it. Before, I guess I kind of felt like I was more of a visitor or an outsider, but attending UCLA will pretty much make me an Angeleno.

I can't wait until this fall, when I can resume my studies and get my academic career back on track. I can actually write papers again! Woo!!! I know. I'm one of those weird kids who loves writing papers. Get over it.