Saturday, August 22, 2009

Games I'm Playing

I've been playing "The Legendary Starfy" for the DS lately, and I'm totally hooked. It's an adorable little game, and yes it is kind of similar to Kirby. Basically, you're a starfish/prince who must go on a quest to help a friend. Mayhem and cuteness ensue.

One great feature of this game are the treasures. You find and buy various costumes and accessories and can equip them to Starfy (only in the pause menu). The ability to mix and match such incongruous items as "Galactic Hero's Outfit" and "Viking Flair" makes for some very amusing combinations.

I think my obsession with customizable outfits started in "Ocarina of Time," when I would have adult Link wear the red tunic along with the mirror shield, because they matched. *Sigh*

I also started playing inFAMOUS for the third time. I'm going the evil route (much more satisfying than going good).

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